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Introduction to Copyrights

by justicekalyan

The lecture gives an overview of copyright protection. It gives an overview of copyright requirements and subject matter of copyright. It explains the said concepts with the help of simple examples. The lecture very briefly delves into rights of a copyright owner also.


Introduction to Patents

by justicekalyan

The session on introduction to patents provides a quick insight into patentability requirements. Requirements such as subject matter, industrial applicability, novelty and non-obviousness have been explained with the help of simple examples. The lecture also gives a passing reference to the patent filter model and further reading resources.

Introduction to Open Source Software (OSS)

by justicekalyan

Introduction to open source licenses is the first among the series of lectures relating to open source software. The lecture gives a lucid explanation of th ebasic concept of open source licenses with simple examples.

Fundamentals of Intellectual Property (IP)

by justicekalyan

The lecture on fundamentals of IP gives a bird’s eye¬† view of the meaning of IP and species. The lecture has simple examples to help a lay person understand IP concepts.

Introduction to IPR Academy: Taking IP to the World!!!

by vikramforever

IPR Academy has been launched to take the IP education to the next level. The academy offers video lectures on various basic and advanced IP topics. The lectures are relevant for both corporates and students. They integrate IP theory with practical issues and interesting examples.